Generation has a team of crew with expertise on graphic design, web page design, professional photography and offset printing. From ideation, planning to implementation, we aim to explore more than expected. With our creativity and experience, we are committing to deliver efficient and professional graphic design and production services. Our one-stop shop service is available to fit your need.
We use Japan output film and developer for color separation output. Output resolution is 3000dpi / 175 lpi. The color separation film can be reused for zinc image fabrication. With large scale print proof machine, we can offer up to 34" x 46" size print proof. We can also provide ECO printing, digital printing and printing with CTP. FTP server is available for large file transfer.
We use original color ink in large scale inklet printing to ensure proven quality.
A wide variety of substrate materials can be offered such as gloss/matt base photopaper, vinyl coated photopaper, canvas cloth, silk cloth, outdoor banner, transparent or translucent material, aluminum foil based vinyl film or high quality fabric.




Our drum scanner can directly capture slide or hard copy into software system and with detailed and accurate output.
We have in-house professional photographer and 4x5 Leaf 28M pixels resolution digital back




Gloss, Matt PP lamination, Gloss Varnish, UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Hot Stamping, Colorful Gloss Varnish, Pearl Varnish, Embossing effect, hologram...etc.
Wood free, Color wood free paper, Gloss Matt art paper, Gloss Matt Art card, Art Grey card, Single white Art card, Grey broad, Yellow Craft broad/paper, White broad, Craft card broad, Fancy paper/card, Corrugated paper, White Corrugated box, copy paper, wrapping paper.
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